The Zentangle

The  Zentangle
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Tangle Art

This is the newest tangle art. I call it tangle art because its bigger than an average zentangle, which is only 3 1/2 inches square. This one is 8" about. Again, it was done with a Sharpie ultra fine point pen on an 8" square sketchbook page. Since zentangles are not supposed to have any erased spots, I decided I'd skip the pencil underlay & go directly with a pen, that way it couldn't be erased.
The yahoo group is doing well & catching on. I've been doing zentangles, working on the group & quilting. If it ever quits snowing & the roads clear up enough to get out, I'll get to the copy shop to have some of these enlarged enough to make quilts from them. Stay tuned for more.

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  1. Oooh...a yahoo group on zentangels. I would love to check it out. I'm subscribing to this blog and would love to know the group name if it is open to new members.

    I moderate a free motion threadpainting group on yahoo and want to try threadpainting a zentangle. I've only drawn a few zentangles so far, but it is addicting.