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The  Zentangle
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Update on Embroidered Zentangle

I successfully digitized the zentangle, however, it was going to take over 3 hours to stitch it out. On top of that, the thread kept bunching up under the machines throat plate & making a thread nest. I stopped the machine & pulled out the project. So much for experiments. Back up & try something else. I think the long stitch time was because the stitching would be so dense, but I think I'll shelve the project all together. I tried.


  1. Sorry it didn't work out. I do some free motion threadpaintiing (still learning) and think it could be done that way. You would need some "Heavy" stiff stablizer to fuse to the back of fabric and when finished, you have to spray it with water and iron it flat.

    I've made several threadpainted postcards with some areas heavily threadpainted and with no thread in other areas. They turned out well. No thread nests either. You do have to loosen the top tension some on your machine and use a needle with a larger hole...I like topstitch 90/10 myself.

    If you wanted to use thick thread...takes less time to could do bobbin threadpaintng. I have an embroidery machine, but only used it a couple of times...I like free motion better...more relaxing.

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  3. Hello Beckah,
    I have been an avid and addicted tangler since February 2012 and purchased your book in November 2012 , which I love muchly and now today (Christmas Day 2013!) my husband has given me, as one of his gifts, your Zentangle 2014 Calendar......It's WONDERFUL !!!
    I do hope you will continue with an annual "Zentangle" calendar in future years, I will be a staunch supporter if and when you do! Thanks for sharing your beautiful book and now this gorgeous calendar!
    Merry Christmas and lots of happiness health and tangling creativity in 2014!