The Zentangle

The  Zentangle
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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome to the Tangle

Since this is the first day of a new year, I thought it may be appropriate to begin a new blog. The tangle includes the art of the Zentangle (more about that later) and the tangles that life presents. Perhaps you've visited my sister blog "stitchesandstrokes/ ", maybe not. If so, you will have some idea of what this author is about. If not, I invite you to check it out. The photo shown at the top of the page is a Zentangle, this one is a round, but they come in all shapes and sizes. Remember all those times when you were bored, had a pen & paper & just doodled to pass time. You blocked out everything else around & just drew whatever came to mind. That is Zentangle. You just doodle, it puts you in a "zen" mood since you block out the world around you for a time. Over time, this blog will have links & such that will further your understanding of just what a Zentangle is.
As I also mentioned, this blog is about all the tangles that life hands us & how we attempt to get out of them. So expect stories, snippets, and such about what's going on in my life at any moment. Remember, those writings are only opinions & everyone has one, so let me state that it is not my intention to upset the reader in any way. Please keep in mind its only an opinion, nothing more.
With the later in mind, welcome to the tangle & stay tuned to see what happens. . .

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