The Zentangle

The  Zentangle
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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Zentangle Study Idea

Somewhere in my study of zentangles was mentioned the use of the zentangle for psychological purposes. This peaked my interest and I decided to study this area further. I tried to start a Yahoo group to make response easy, but my computer keeps giving me errors, so the group didn't happen. I think the study of using a zentangle as a psychological tool is fascinating. What sorts of personalities draw particular tangles? What does the particular tangle a person draws say about them? Can one draw a zentangle to express a feeling, current, or something more deep down? Can zentangles be used similar to the way ink blots are used, to interpret personality traits? That is what I'd like to study. Since the Yahoo group thing didn't work out, if you'd be interested in taking part in this study somehow, let me know. Just leave a comment with an email address to contact you. Any contact info will be confidential. I think this will be a fascinating look into human psychology. There is no pay, all participants are voluntary,& this study is purely informal & will not be used for any medical research purposes- at all. Leave a comment if you'd like to participate.

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